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We are a big family with a small farm located a mile off the Sunset Highway in Spokane, Washington. In addition to enjoying incredible sunsets, we practice rotational grazing, no till, regenerative farming. By using these methods, our animals improve the soil over time so that both animals and soil work together in a symbiotic relationship for a healthier farm.

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Healthy Soil = Healthier Animals = Healthiest Food

Our farm started with a goal for our family: we gave ourselves one year to be exclusively eating meat grown on our land. Not only did we achieve that goal, but we began extensively researching farming methods – both the large scale production that leads to what we have available in our local stores and the smaller scale methods that are still managing to provide large quantities of food for their communities. Our research led to two main conclusions: the first- that the current system of mass production and consumption of food is worse than we ever imagined. The second- it doesn’t have to be this way! Our journey led us to a much larger goal: to be a part of the solution by showing others how to grow, source, and eat ethically and organically raised, nutrient dense food from your own backyard and local community.

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